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Tina L. Golden

Tina L. Golden

Tina is a Vice President and Graphics/Data Information Analyst with Janik Forensics PC. She has been with the firm since its beginning in 1992. Her primary responsibilities include preparing financial statement and tax return databases for analytical modeling. This involves sorting, filtering, file linking, and creating color graphs linked to complicated multi-page spreadsheets with efficiency and accuracy utilizing up-to-date computer hardware including laser and color inkjet printers. Tina also leads in the administration and management of the office, maintaining all office equipment, ordering supplies, managing petty cash, writing accounts payable checks, preparing forms. She does internet and library research, reading technical articles, and she coordinates the company's marketing distribution efforts, among other duties.

Ms. Golden's 32 years of experience includes working in CPA firms involving over 350 business dispute and business consulting matters assisting in the preparation of trial exhibits, expert reports, deposition reviews and summaries, timelines, document requests, research, statistical analyses, databases, and financial statements/tax return spreadsheet analyses including graphical charts.

Ms. Golden has held positions of financial analyst, paraprofessional, office manager, administrative assistant, instructor, and secretary with a strong concentration in accounting and sales. She has additional experience in construction, music retail, medical laboratory, food brokerage, vocational school, among others. She also has taught computer classes at a technical institute, contracted her teaching skills as well, and maintains her technical knowledge through continuing education.

Tina's expertise has included computer applications including but not limited to the following software in DOS and Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP environments: WordPerfect 5.0/5.1, Lotus1-2-3 releases 3,4,5, Quattro Pro for Windows, AmiPro/Word Pro, Lotus Approach, Q&A, Harvard Graphics, PFS: First Publisher, Paintbrush, Displaywrite, BannerMania, Norton Utilities, PC Anywhere, LANtastic, among others. She has used Lotus 1-2-3 since its first release many years ago and continues to be proficient with current software programs such as: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher, Windows Media Player, Win Fax, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Outlook Express, and Quick Books, among others. She holds the Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications in Microsoft Excel 2000 and PowerPoint 2000.

Tina holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Education from the University of South Florida.