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Eric Matthaei

Eric Matthaei

Eric is Vice President, Analytics and Research. He has been with Janik Forensics PC since 1998. In his years with the firm he has worked on over 250 business dispute and consulting matters.

Mr. Matthaei prepares and analyzes data in spreadsheets, creating financial schedules, models, graphics and analyses for presentation across several platforms. He has demonstrated proficiency handling large amounts of data in the fluid spreadsheet environment. He helps prepare consulting reports, expert reports, and the underlying support for both. He conducts internet research on financial, economic, accounting and other technical matters. When documents are produced in electronic formats, Mr. Matthaei coordinates with clients to receive such records, and, if necessary, convert them to formats in which they can be more easily examined and analyzed. Mr. Matthaei's responsibilities also include maintaining the computer systems and network, and assisting in major purchasing decisions related to computer equipment and software. He built and maintains the company's website.

Mr. Matthaei graduated from Texas A&M University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. His minor course of study was History. He participated in the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps and the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets. He was twice awarded the Distinguished Student medal for academic achievement.

Before joining Janik Forensics PC, Eric worked in investor relations and investor information services with a Dallas firm that served in various roles as a transfer agent, proxy statement solicitor, and tender offer information agency. Prior to graduation he processed credit applications in a corporation specializing in loans for boats and recreational vehicles. He also did an internship in the national development office of a presidential campaign during the 1996 election cycle.

Mr. Matthaei's software experience and training includes programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access, Adobe Dreamweaver, and, Lotus 1-2-3. He holds Microsoft Office Specialist Certification in Microsoft Excel 2000.